The easiest way for a client to experience an excellent massage is when the masseuse can come to a place where the customer feels at ease and on a time which fits their schedule. For people with filled agenda’s and business people, an outcall massage is the best way to relax when you have the need to relax.


Our Outcall VIP Full Personal Service offers outcall massage services and much more. The massage can be offered on many different locations such as customer’s Homes, Hotels or even at the office in All Central London areas.


The etiquette for outcall massage is very similar to that of massages in a salon, or incall massage. The environment in which the massage is offered should be a private and relaxed area in which both the customer and masseuse feel at ease. The masseuse and customer have a clear understanding on the kind of massage, how long the massage will last and what the price is of the offered services.


Just give us a call on 077 60 40 30 80,  our Oriental angels will “fly” to your door in 20 minutes.